Greetings from The General Chair

Welcome to the iCAST 2020, a third conference held by Indonesian Polytechnics Consortium.

The iCAST 2020 will be held in Padang as host, Indonesia, as a continuation of the previous iCAST conference that had been held in Bali. In this year, the conference theme is “The Emergence of Green and Model-Based Technology in Developing Economy, Social Life, and Culture for Glocalization”. This theme is taken by considering that improving of worldwide technology can be adobted and implemented in local society in Indonesia. Polytechnics, as higher education institution that provide skilled and professional study, must be able to prepare people supporting green development that focused on responsiveness to the environment, efficiency in uses of earth’s limited resources, and sensitivity to the community and culture. To answer this challenge, this conference will be held in two groups of science, i.e., social science and engineering science to present the results of applied research to find a balance between economic and environmental sustainability.

Again, we welcome you to the iCAST 2020 conference. We hope you can take part and be able to enjoy the conference that will be hosted by Politeknik Negeri Padang.

Warm regards,

Dr. Yuhefizar
General Chair