EDAS for iCAST 2023

Paper Submissions Procedures

Instruction for ICAST-SS and ICAST-ES

Peer Review Process:
All papers are fully peer-reviewed. We only publish articles that have been reviewed and approved by highly qualified researchers with expertise in a field appropriate (at least two reviewers per article). We used a double-blind peer-reviewing process. Independent researchers in the relevant research area will assess submitted manuscripts for originality, validity and significance to help editors determine whether a manuscript should be accepted or rejected.

Final Manuscript Preparation Atlantis Press* Proceedings Series uses author-supplied PDFs for all online and print publication. Authors of Social Science track and Engineering Science Track must prepare their papers using Microsoft Word, according to the guidelines and template, and then convert these files to PDF. The paper should be written in English.

Please refer to iCAST-SS dan ICAST-ES Proceedings guidelines and template Manuscripts below:

  • Paper Template for Social Science track and Engineering Science track (Word Format)

Submission Procedures Link:

Please send full paper to iCAST-SS Submission system at https://edas.info/N31262

And send full paper to iCAST-ES Submission system at https://edas.info/N31261

If you do not have an EDAS user, you can create a new EDAS account:  https://edas.info/newPerson.php?noauth=1

Register a paper for 2023 International Conference on Applied Science and Technology (iCAST)

  1. Entry the Title of paper, Keyword, Paper abstract, and Topic. NOTE: a). Papers should NOT have: Page numbers, Headers, Footers. b). All review processes are double blind reviews. c). To ensure the double blind review process, please do not enter the author names in the paper that is going to be reviewed. Keep the author fields as is. The author names are required for final paper (camera-ready) version. The complete author names must be inserted at EDAS system.
  2. Choose paper file and upload:
  3. The paper has been uploaded successfully
  4. You can add authors:
  5. Entry the Name or EDAS ID, click ‘Add Author’


As a summary, please ensure the following:

  1. Paper size is European A4.
  2. Due to the strict of international publication standard (Atlantis Press), please set your full paper not over 6 pages. If not meet the standard, your full paper may be not published, because of it will be rejected from publisher.
  3. To ensure the double blind review process, please do not enter the author names in the paper that is going to be reviewed. Keep the author fields as it is. The paper includes the author names and affiliation (full address including country) are required for final paper version. The complete author names must be inserted at EDAS system. The author names and its position can’t change after reviewed by reviewer.
  4. There are no page numbers, or headers and footers, within the paper.
  5. The PDF is free of formatting errors (e.g. corrupt equations, missing or low-resolution figures), since conversion from Word to PDF can introduce formatting errors.
  6. Text is single spaced, not double spaced.
  7. The PDF file is editable and not password protected.
  8. All pages are portrait (landscape pages should be rotated).
  9. Reference lists are checked for accuracy. References can only be linked via Crossref if they are correct and complete.
  10. Figures are placed within the text, not collected at the end of the document.
  11. A thorough proofread is conducted to check the standard of English and ensure wording is clear and concise
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