The Conference Programs Outline

  1. Keynote Speech
    Keynote talk about engineering science and social science that support the industrial revolution 4.0 by experts in their respective fields.
  2. Parallel Presentation Sessions covering topics:
    • Engineering Science
      • Civil Engineering Advancements for Sustainable Infrastructure
      • Innovate and Applied Mechanical Engineering to Support Sustainable Industrial Revolution
      • Intelligence System for Sustainable Electricity and Informatics Engineering
      • Renewable Energy System and Smart Grid Technology
      • Control System, Robotics, Mechatronics and Automation
    • Social Science
      • Industry 4.0 Strategic Initiatives for Competitiveness and Sustainability
      • Humanities, Management, Accounting and Taxation Advancements for Sustainable Development
      • Technology key issues in Digital Tourism and Sustainable Development
      • Economics Science for Innovation and Technology
      • Media and Communications Studies for Education and Technology
      • Improvement of local agricultural resources through sustainable development goals for national food security
  3. Welcome party through gala dinner
  4. Workshop
  5. Exhibition
  6. Best Paper and Best Presenter Awards
  7. City tour to visit the tourist attractions in Manado.